I'm Yunwen Eric. I live in Douala, Cameroon, where I build the future.

I'm a tech enthusiast with a keen interest in both Flutter and web development. Originating from Africa, I'm deeply passionate about leveraging technology to make a difference, particularly in Africa's development. With extensive experience in coding and software development, I focus on creating innovative solutions that address real-world problems. Beyond coding, I actively engage in community initiatives, striving to foster growth and collaboration within the tech ecosystem. I'm particularly passionate about promoting STEM education in Africa, believing in its power to transform lives and drive sustainable development. Whether it's through building software, community engagements, or advocating for STEM education, I'm dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.


Tools, technologies and gadgets I use on a daily basis but not limited to.

Mobile Development

  • Flutter, React Native, Dart

FontEnd Web Development

  • Next Js, Angular, HTML, CSS, TypeScript

BackEnd Web Development

  • Nest Js, Docker,


  • VsCode, Android Studio, IntelliGG


Inspired by Rafael Conde's heroes list, here's my own curated lineup of code conjurers and digital dynamos that I'm absolutely stoked to meet someday. "In no particular order"